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suds::xsd::sxbase::SchemaObject Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for suds::xsd::sxbase::SchemaObject:

suds::xsd::sxbase::Content suds::xsd::sxbase::XBuiltin suds::xsd::sxbasic::AttributeGroup suds::xsd::sxbasic::Collection suds::xsd::sxbasic::Complex suds::xsd::sxbasic::ComplexContent suds::xsd::sxbasic::Extension suds::xsd::sxbasic::Group suds::xsd::sxbasic::Import suds::xsd::sxbasic::Include suds::xsd::sxbasic::Restriction suds::xsd::sxbasic::Simple suds::xsd::sxbasic::SimpleContent

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Detailed Description

A schema object is an extension to object object with
with schema awareness.
@ivar root: The XML root element.
@type root: L{Element}
@ivar schema: The schema containing this object.
@type schema: L{schema.Schema}
@ivar form_qualified: A flag that inidcates that @elementFormDefault
    has a value of I{qualified}.
@type form_qualified: boolean
@ivar nillable: A flag that inidcates that @nillable
    has a value of I{true}.
@type nillable: boolean
@ivar default: The default value.
@type default: object
@ivar rawchildren: A list raw of all children.
@type rawchildren: [L{SchemaObject},...]

Definition at line 30 of file sxbase.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getitem__
def __init__
def __iter__
def __len__
def __repr__
def __str__
def __unicode__
def all
def any
def append
def attributes
def autoqualified
def builtin
def children
def childtags
def choice
def content
def default_namespace
def dependencies
def description
def enum
def extension
def find
def get_attribute
def get_child
def isattr
def merge
def namespace
def optional
def prepend
def qualify
def required
def resolve
def restriction
def sequence
def str
def translate
def unbounded

Public Attributes


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