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suds::bindings::binding::Binding Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for suds::bindings::binding::Binding:

suds::bindings::document::Document suds::bindings::rpc::RPC suds::bindings::rpc::Encoded

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Detailed Description

The soap binding class used to process outgoing and imcoming
soap messages per the WSDL port binding.
@cvar replyfilter: The reply filter function.
@type replyfilter: (lambda s,r: r)
@ivar wsdl: The wsdl.
@type wsdl: L{suds.wsdl.Definitions}
@ivar schema: The collective schema contained within the wsdl.
@type schema: L{xsd.schema.Schema}
@ivar options: A dictionary options.
@type options: L{Options}

Definition at line 44 of file binding.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def body
def bodycontent
def bodypart_types
def detect_fault
def envelope
def get_fault
def get_message
def get_reply
def header
def headercontent
def headpart_types
def marshaller
def mkheader
def mkparam
def options
def param_defs
def replycomposite
def replycontent
def replylist
def returned_types
def schema
def unmarshaller

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple replyfilter = (lambda s,r: r)

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